When segmenting Kevin’s fans by lifestyle, the following attributes stand out.

Core audience is 18-34 year old urban multi-cultural trendsetters
  • Urban trendsetters account for nearly one-third of the spending across critical influencer categories
  • Account for $90 billion in annual discretionary spending across key consumer categories such as entertainment, technology, and fashion
    60.3 % female and 39.4% male

A partnership with Kevin Hart offers a 360° integrated branded approach to marketing plans that reinforces any campaign message using film, online, mobile, and events that are unique only to Kevin Hart whose audience mirrors the population of urban America.

Kevin’s point of differentiation is that he appeals to a diverse culture and with his pulse on "what’s next" he's able to provide brands a return on their investment.

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Jeff Clanagan, Hartbeat Productions

Current Kevin Hart opportunities

Let Me Explain film integration during production, at the film premiere, and within the film allowing for long shelf life of branded and return on investment.

YouTube Channel
Year round clips and shorts from the world’s raising comedic star.

Branded Entertainment within films provide an uncluttered environment consisting of fewer advertising units to enhance visitors' experience and your marketing message.

Targeted delivery throughout the consumer journey through a combination of events, online, and film, Kevin Hart delivers your target audience.