The Kevin Hart-Ice Cube comedy Ride Along is the top video-on-demand title in the United States, Rentrak announced.

Coming in at No. 2 on the roster is The Wolf of Wall Street, followed by Frozen at No. 3, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug at No. 4 and The Nut Job at No. 5.

Rounding out the top tier are August: Osage County at No. 6, Philomena at No. 7, Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues at No. 8, American Hustle at No. 9, and Grudge Match at No. 10.

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When youâre one of the most popular comedic stars in the world, things tend to get a bit busy. Right now Seth Rogen is promoting the hilarious Neighbors, which opens May 9. He then has to finish his second co-directorial gig, The Interview, out in October. Heâs also working on an animated film called Sausage Party, and his second film with director Jonathan Levine and co-star Joseph Gordon-Levitt was just slotted for a December 2015 release.

Thatâs not the half of it. While those are the next three things immediately on Rogenâs schedule, heâs also simultaneously developing numerous other projects. We asked Rogen about the most anticipated of his upcoming projects, and have the updates below. He told us how post on The Interview is going, how far along the Preacher TV show is, a bit more about this buddy cop comedy with Kevin Hart, as well as the Nintendo vs. Sega film Console Wars and James Francoâs film about Tommy Wiseauâs The Room.

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From left: Attorneys Ira Schreck and Isaac Dunham of Schreck Rose Dapello & Adams; Schreckâs client, Ride Along star Kevin Hart; and fellow Schreck Rose firm member James Adams were photographed April 22 by Miller Mobley at the Second Line Stages in New Orleans (where Hart is shooting Get Hard with Will Ferrell).

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Walking Tall with Kevin Hart

 /  April 29 2014

Backstage in the funhouse green room at Jimmy Kimmel Live!, you might expect to find Kevin Hart sipping a drink or jamming the joy stick on Donkey Kong Junior. Instead, with just minutes to go before he appears on national TV, the 34-year-old comedian is pacing around a private dressing room, hard at work on a scriptâBallersâabout a fantasy basketball camp. I pull up a chair as Hart, in black jeans and a grey t-shirt, bounces back and forth, his weight on the balls of his feet. âMultitasking!â he explains, as his friend Chris Spencerâan actor/comedian who co-created the BET spoof show Real Husbands of Hollywood with Hartâholds up an iPad, videotaping Hartâs every word.

Hart and Spencer are writing the movie togetherâa comedy about two brothers, one very tall, the other very short, which will star LeBron James and, maybe, Hart himself âdepending on schedules.â Theyâve been at it all day, spitballing dialogue and story beats as they roll around Los Angeles in what Hartâs publicist calls his âmobile command centerâ: a customized Mercedes Benz Sprinter. Theyâre wrestling with the mid-point of the movieâwhether âsome shit that looks bad ends up good,â as Spencer puts it, âor some shit thatâs good is really bad.â They need âa Dodgeball moment,â they both agree, like the one when Vince Vaughan fails to show up for the championship game, jeopardizing his teamâs chance at the title. Not long after I arriveâand just minutes before Hart is due on Kimmelâs couchâthey hit on an idea, swearing me to secrecy. âDude, we knocked down some major walls,â Hart tells Spencer, reaching for his ringing phone. Itâs Etan Cohen, the director of Get Hard, a movie heâs about to start shooting with Will Ferrell.

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Mark Wahlbergâs family helped get him extra messy during Nickelodeonâs 27th Kidsâ Choice Awards, held Saturday in Los Angeles.

Wahlberg, who hosted the event, was standing onstage near the end of the show when he introduced his wife Rhea and three of their children â Ella, Michael and Brendan. Comedian Kevin Hart happened to be located nearby.

âKevin, what are you doing sitting near my family?â Wahlberg asked, drawing a chuckle from Hart.

âYour kids are hilarious, man, they were just telling me a joke. I canât stop laughing,â Hart responded.

Wahlberg wanted to hear the joke. His daughter Ella started telling a knock-knock joke.

The âDepartedâ star decided to play along. âWhoâs there?â

âWe got,â she said.

We got who?

âWe got you!â she said. Hart screamed into the microphone, and the green slime fell from the rafters, raining on Wahlberg as he lowered his head, smirking. The slime poured for 30 seconds, âjust like a bird dropping stuff on your head,â Hart said.

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